Idea - Limit #Support to Regulars & above

My Idea -

I would like to propose that only Regulars, Moderators, and other High Ranking Community members are the ones only able to reply to #Support topics.

Why? -

I believe this way, support topics are cleaner and the person with the problem will get the best help. I have went through a few support topics, and found some reply’s are just no help, compared to a regulars or leaders who knows the sim very well.

Your Opinion -

I would love to hear your constructive opinion.


It sounds like a lot of work and not just regulars know the answers to stuff, I think it should remain open for everybody although I am calling upon the moderators for more topics about #support etiquette.


I totally +1 the idea. It would definitely clean up support a lot.


I thought you meant limit the whole thing to only regulars and above (including posting the topic).

But this is a good idea, because you get that “posts 2-15 thing” that are the exact same as post 1. Regulars are more ‘civilised’and know when one person has answered they don’t need to.

Then on the other hand someone might be able to help who is lower trust level and post something helpful and productive


There are just over 100 regulars though, and thousands of other community members, the speed and helpfulness of the other community members is just as good as any regular most of the time. It sounds like an idea, I guess, but I think we need to have a collaborative effort to help people out in #support.


I’m not regular but have posted reasonable helpful comments on support imo.


What happens when a basic user or member has a bug they would like to share? Would they contact a regular to post it for them? It would be too much of a hassle. I’m with you though if you change it to limiting #developer to regulars.

Regulars are extremely active, that wouldn’t be an issue.

I rethought about it, and it would make sense to do it the other way around. Give members and regulars access. If there is someone who misuses support, then ban them from it.

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I’m not saying not all members are unhelpful, just a majority of members.

I agree with what reed said

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Anyone would be able to post a support topic, just not everyone would be able to reply to it.

Is that possible with discourse?

and clouds i disagree with most members are unhelpful when in fact most of us are extremely helpful

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Reviewing more topics on #Support right now,

and It seems like a majority received help they needed from Regulors and Moderators.

I used to be a regular and I can say that regulars are very good at helping people. I don’t think that TL2 and under shouldn’t post but I think that if you don’t know about that topic you shouldn’t be in it in the first place.


Agreed well said. if u have no clue on the topic u shouldn’t post on it a way to try to solve it

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Well, that’s not always the case.

There could be a group similar to moderators, but instead of patrolling the forums, there dedicated to roaming the #Support section of the community to resolve problems quickly.

That is also true but and as mentioned above " If there is someone who misuses support, then maybe warn them from it and if they continue then this could be resolved with a ban from giving possible solutions to the problem at hand"

I really don’t know. There are some people, who know even more than Regulars, at least about a specific topic. And as someone said, we have got just above 100 regulars. How can other people who may had the same issue help?
My opinion: No.

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Again, there could be a group of people elected similar to moderators, that dedicate to the support topic.