Idea for the future

Hi, hope everyone is ok?!
Just had a few thoughts about infinite flight.
Firstly, I love the game but this idea I think will make the game really good in a few years. It’s probably already been mentioned before but I think bots should be added on infinite flight. It would make the game realistic as the bots could fly the real flight plan from theses airlines in real life if that makes sense. I know it will take a lot of time and hard work but it would be an amazing feature if this was added into this game. Secondly, ADD TAXI LIGHTS!! Yes again it will take a while to do and we all appreciate your updates but please I can’t see anything at night and I purposely have to change the time so I can see.
Just wanted to hear your thoughts. No hate by the way. I love this game and always will. Hope everyone has a great day !

You can vote for taxi lights here^
The robot plane thing will most likely wont happen

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AI aircraft will never happen, unfortunately.

Agreed with taxi lights. TBH honest I want gear tilt, but that might me added soon. I am just happy the a350 is being added