Idea for test preparation to become IFATC

Good evening, all the Infinite Flight community.

For a long time now, I have been thinking of a strategy to help more and more aspiring IFATC-like me to be better able to pass the required tests.

From this perspective an idea came to me that I would like to submit to your appreciation and define the feasibility on Infinite Flight.

This is to create an environment similar to Air Traffic Control on the Expert Server but this time on the Training Server.
Just like the Expert Server, we will do weekly planning by selecting airports with the best learning opportunities.

Secondly, we create a group of 30 aspirants per month (to be renewed every month to allow everyone to participate) who will have the task of controlling the traffic on the airports of the schedule and at the specified times.

Here, I hope that my idea is feasible on Infinite Flight and that the pilots will take part in it so that we can better prepare ourselves for the tests to become IFATC.

Thank you for giving me your opinions and advice.

The training we have already works really well if you have an official IFATC trainer. They have access to every controller and can message them all over the world and magic them up for your training sessions.
As for your idea, I don’t really understand. Are you suggesting scheduling IFATC volunteers to fly about at a specific time and then trainee controllers take tower?

Do you mean something like this? Because we actually already have that…

Of course I know that there is a training program for the candidates at the IFATC, but to get rid of it you still need to know the basics of air traffic control.

What I am proposing would be an air traffic control of the Expert Server but on the Training Server, with a weekly program where the volunteer pilots could fly between the chosen airports, but only the 30 chosen candidates will be able to control the air traffic.

Exactly, that’s what I’m talking about.
How can I integrate this program?

On their website!

There is already something like this. TSATC.


I am the CEO of TSATC, I have the right to speak about my organization

Of course! But I did already said it.
( This is not to be offensive or something )

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Of course, I discovered it today and I have already completed your form to integrate the TSATC

Absolutely not. Refer to the following posts for further guidance.

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Just want to clarify that TSATC is not wanting to train controllers to become controllers in the Expert Server, TSATC also prohibits IFATC members or people that want to become IFATC members in the future to be a part of TSATC. TSATC has ideas of training controllers that only plan on controlling on the Training Server, not the Expert.

Great. Thanks

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