Idea for more efficient way of choosing advanced ATCs

When you control on the playground server you don’t get operation logs for that because you are just practicing. I’m proposing that the number of hours you are ATC on the playground server gets saved just like in the advanced server. Once you reach a certain amount of hours/ practice time you can be elligible to take the ATC test whatever that may be(theory or practical)


That way not everyone with ask at once and you know the people asking have legitimately practiced

The correlation between controlling time and good controlling is a loose one. The problem is if you are controlling wrong and don’t know it, then you’ll just go on doing it wrong no matter the amount of time you spend controlling. Would really hamper this idea


Agreed; similarly the issue with XP.

I saw pilots with lots of flight hours crashing their planes.

Yea I was just thinking so people would be made to practice more and recruiters wouldn’t be overwhelmed with requests because personally I think there is a more professional and better way to do this

It’d still be good to log your ATC time. At the moment you get nothing for it!

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