Idea for loading airports

Hello I’ve been playing infinite flight for sometime and have been constantly struggling with airports not loading when landing. I’ve done many tricks I found such as clearing the scenery cache, changed location to have better wifi and lowering the graphics resolution. All of which have helped out a-lot btw. Still I have issues mainly within areas that have a-lot of big airports in a close space. such as LA or the bay area. This makes sense since when in those areas more big airports means more energy and time must be spent to download all those airports. A recent example I had was when flying into Oakland Metro Airport on expert server. Because the airport is so close to the bigger KSFO my device spent all its time downloading KSFO but never KOAK. this ended up meaning the KSFO downloaded right as I was about to land but KOAK never ended up downloading. This lead me to an idea that I think could help out players with this problem. Could it at all be possible for the player to be able to choose which airports they want to prioritize in downloading so the device can work on downloading the players main airport before others? Maybe such as if the player connects to the ATC of an airport the device should prioritize that airport to be dowloaded. I have no Idea how the game choses what airports to download first so I completely understand if the game is unable to do that but I thought that I should at least suggest it hoping to help out other players who are runing into this same issue ! Thank you!