Idea For a Custom livery System

This is a combination of some great ideas I’ve seen, mainly An idea for custom liveries....Colorwheel! and A custom livery server. It is not a new concept to add custom liveries to IF, but they’ve been met with skepticism around difficult implementation, realism lapses, and abuse of the system. Here’s my suggestion.
Simulators like FlightGear, Xplane, and FSX allow you to download, edit, and implement paintkits, templates that provide panel lines and windows, to add custom liveries. However, giving such templates to users could lead to potential abuse, so new liveries would be checked by a group of moderators. Liveries that pass would automatically be added to the user who submitted them’s library, but liveries made by other users could be downloaded in a system similar to aircraft downloads. Finally, a server or set of servers would be set aside for custom liveries or a combination of custom and real liveries.

Please let me know what you think.

That’s a lot of work for Moderators

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