Idea concerning liveries for Infinite Flight

I’ve been part of the Infinite Flight community for just over 600 days. I’ve noticed livery requests for aircraft are becoming more and more popular as days go by and I’ve wondered … would it be possible to create a livery database for infinite flight. By database I mean a app (or website) that allows users to upload their own liveries for certain aircraft and allow others to download and apply them to their copy of IF. This would save the developers time from having to work on a load of liveries for a release by allowing the community to provide high quality liverys for FDS!

Through this we would be able to see the talent and creativity of our fellow infinite flight community members as well as being able to find liverys we’ve been dying to have. This is only a idea but I think it would work well as app like liveflight and Infinite PAX. Please comment as I’d love to hear some critical feedback. :)

Though I’m not comparing IF to SimplePlanes I think Jundroo’s online database for aircraft would be what I am basing this off.


Hmm, I Guess the system will be the same as rooting your device then (?)

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If you searched, you would of been able to get a few answers regarding this topic. Here is one:

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