Idaho USFS Group Flight

Idaho has many US Forest Service airstrips This group flight will feature some of the strips in the Nez Perce National Forest spanning almost 4 Million acres. Spawn in your favorite GA aircraft. Spawn at ID74 and plan for a cruise of around 9500 feet at 110 kts or best airspeed. Should take around 1.5 hours and give you a shot at about 10 back country landings.

Server: Training

Airport: *ID74 to K0U0

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Here is an airstrip guide to help. We’ll fly the route feel free to land or overfly strips as you wish. We arent hitting all of these but the booklet covers many that we are.

(Better view when you click the image and download)

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I probably can’t fly for this but I might be able to do ATC for you

That’d be fine. Whatever you like. I’d like to maybe do some similar flights in the future

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I think I’ll go to this event.

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I liked your XCub event. Stole a little inspiration from you

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Final flight plan is as currently posted. I’ll be in a Cub shooting for 110 to 120kts. Winds are in our favor

From KI08 to KC48 do we bear right and fly past Cold Meadows and Chamberlain USFS or left down the valley?

KI08 to KC48
  • Right for 2 more airstrips
  • Left down the valley

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Unfortunate weather

Looks, really foggy, which might make this an even more difficult challenge

In the virtual world we can afford the insurance to go for it and see if we can punch out up top 🙂

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1500fpm climb shooting for 100kts will get us over the first hill. Try for 9500 ft

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Roger that.

Are we going to do Touch-and-goes at the other airstrips, or are we going to land there

I forgot to calibrate lol

Touch and goes

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I had to go around the hill because I was too slow and couldn’t climb as steep so I’m behind you by a bit

I almost got trapped there

I’m overflying OU3 😂

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Left traffic for 79u then left for 54 and right out on course

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85U is a death trap 😳

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