I'd like to report an ATC

Just now I was nearly ghosted by an ATC in Tokyo's Haneda Airport(RJTT) in Expert Server. I was making an VOR-A approach to RWY 16L followed by DARKS RNAV arrival(according to the Jeppesen/ Navigraph Charts). However, when I called inbound at about 12,000 feet, the ATC whose username was Chitown JT instructed me to turn to the right downwind of the runway, a direction which is totally ![2019-05-25%20(1)|830x466](upload://hskmWZdid8U0jKlbv9KWjw0Ydqv.png) ![2019-05-25|830x466](upload://tnrSylmOtASle6nN0fYtU902RCK.png) different  from what Jeppesen advised, and to follow two other aircrafts approaching runway 16L in a COMPLETELY WRONG WAY (that is, the way that I can never find on the Jeppesen charts). I think that controller did not do any study of Haneda Airport before he became an ATC there in Infinite Flight, and he's not qualified enough to be an ATC in RJTT.
Also, I advise you to do some proper and professional training for the ATC recruits. That means the ATC should at least understand and memorize the Standard Departure and Approach Procedure of their airports.
As an appendix, I uploaded the screenshot of the standard approach procedure of RWY 16L, RJTT.
My username is Clipper Fairwind, and I was flying the flight China Southern 724 Heavy at the time.

IFATC can‘t always use real world procedures. You have to follow the instructions even if you fly a different approach than the real life approach. You can‘t say that he needs more training because of that. I‘m sure he knows what he‘s doing.

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The reason i asked there wasn’t schedule for japan.

The text is in a weird format and I can’t view the pictures.

Also I’m pretty sure IFATC only utilized the 24s

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@Chitown is your controller, he’ll send you a PM


I think he’s referring to FNF

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It’s ridiculous. I was flying to Haneda just because I wanted to experience this special landing procedure.