I'd like to report an app crash

I was on approach to EDDP, tuned to EDDP approach. 1st a plane flew right up my tailpipe. I couldn’t report the pilot. I have a pic of the pilot/aircraft, if you’d like.

Anyway, I was on right downwind RWY 26R and the app crashed.

Expert server, 1:45 EDT.

Speedbird 1274 Heavy.

You can’t report pilots. Only staff, mods and ATC supervisors can do that.

The problem with the app crash can have many reasons. It will probably be due to the 20.2 update. There are a few small problems there. One way to solve the problem is perhaps to restart your device before the flight or to fly on deeper graphs. I hope that can help you with your problem.

I would say, just maybe restart your device and hope that it doesnt happen again, because i dont truly know the solution to the issue, i will leave it to the devs and staff to help you out with that.

If you want to report the pilot, you cant, but was this on training?

Thanks. Will restart and try again.

And no, this was on expert.

ok, so yea, maybe do some soft resets. But unfortunately only mods and staff and ATC can report

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The report option still appears if you go to map and select the aircraft. Just “dark.” Doesn’t highlight “report” as an option. Used to take 3 reports to have any effect.

But that’s neither here nor there. Only wanted to report the app crash. Thinking back, should have left the pilot out of it. Forget I ever said it! LOL!

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