I'd like somebody to test my ATC skills

If someone could do that, it would be great. I’m requesting you to test me on tower for around 15-30 minutes and approach for around 15-30 minutes if that’s fine. Please PM me :smile:

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On live, it says ATC is closed. Sorry.

I’m available to test you! I will only need to do a pattern with you! Approach there is no need at the moment just focus on one thing at a time! Approach is easy on e you understand tower!

Can we do it at 1600 BST (1500Z). Please message me as I’ll forget :relaxed: @JGK00

So 4:pm tomorrow? I live in Ireland so I assume we have the same time zone!


Roger that

I might tag along and help :) ;)

More than welcome Charlie!

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Goodness… I guess so. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll make a group chat with you all in,.

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Is anyone up for something now? :) ;)

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pM me I would like to talk!

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Sure, PM Incoming :) ;)

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I will be there in a sec! :) ;)

When can you test me

I can get someone to test you! Contact @HV9690 he will help you out!

What jeans pattern work?