I'd just like to say Thank-you!

Hey people,
I’ve been playing IF for quite a while now and - without a credit card subscription - I’ve been stuck in singleplayer all that time. After the update, I made the biggest in app purchase I’ve ever made, and I can say happily it’s been worth it, and I’ve only been using Live mode for 2 days!

After working up enough xp (standing wasn’t too hard) I got onto the ATC playground for the first time today, and I was amazed it got even better. Thank-you to the controllers for my flight - you did a great job! And thank-you which ever dev came up with the plan to allow GooglePlay subscriptions!

Had a great time playing and I’ve never had this good of a time on an app, in a long time: this one is f***ing fantastic! :D

Thank-you, have a good day, N916NV.


Glad to hear you had a good time! With all the criticism going on now a good post is all I need! :)

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Well said sir. Well said.