iCloud Notification While Cruising

Hi everyone, I’m having a problem with my iPhone. When I play Infinite Flight, specifically when cruising, my iPhone displays a notification of iCloud (the picture below). Anyone used to have the same issue, and how do you fix it? I’ve read a ton of threads on Apple Community, but it’s not working :(


Fairly certain this is more of an Apple issue than an IF issue. Here’s what I could find on google:

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Is it possible to disable push notifications in your iOS system settings?!

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Unfortunately not. Apple is very intrusive with a lot of their notifications. System Updates, iCloud etc, they pause anything running behind it. No way of disabling it, no workaround.

Write a letter to Tim. Tell him you’re mega fuming.


@DiamondGaming4 @Black_Bird @Dan_77 thanks for your reply!