Icey Blue Skies & Glaciers

Halló, today’s flight takes us from the mile high city of Denver, USA to the scenic city of Keflavik, Iceland. Lot’s of cool scenery on this 7 hour flight operated by an Icelandair 757-200.

Parked at the gates with some quality 3D terminals. 🏠

Taxiing out to Runway 25 with busy Denver.🚦

Cleared for Rotaté. 🛫

Passing over the Badlands National Park at FL370. 🌲

Time for the test that I definitely do not do every topic, 85% of you got it correct on the last one!

How large is the Badlands National Park in acres?
  • 450,050 in acres
  • 245,700 in acres
  • 100,000 in acres
  • 7,917,939 in 737-800’s

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Entering the Glacier country of Greenland. 🇬🇱

See ya Greenland, hoping it can become 3D instead of 2D sometime in the future, I’d love to see all the mountains! 🏔

30kts of gusty crosswind but managed to set it down at -68 V/S. 🧈

Verið velkomin til Keflavíkur! 🇮🇸

Iceland Action on the Ramp. 🧊 ✈️


Amazing shots!

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Beautiful shots!

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Looking good. Keep it up👍👍👍


Thank you!

Love that you actually parked at the correct gate in Denver. Makes my day.

I love the second one too. Good mountain background.


I’m guessing the Royal Jordanian 788 would get you mad then 😂

Same way at LAS, when I see an Emirates 77W parked at the Allegiant gates, it’s mentally painful.


Iceland is so beautiful

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Nice shots imagine if we had this livery


Iceland needs 3D scenery but awesome shots!

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Yo I love these! I love arctic flying; it reminds me of home. 💙💛 (alaska flag colors)

I wish 60 degrees and up had 3D, then Anchorage and everything would be.

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