Icelandair Sends a 767 to Antarctica

Icelandair Sends a 767 to Antarctica

Icelandair, an airline based at one of the most northern points in the world is sending a Boeing 767 all the way down the globe to Antarctica. The reason for the flight is to bring researchers down to the South Pole.

The flight will be a 7,100-mile-long flight, however, the 767 cannot operate this endeavor nonstop. They will have to take a pit stop in Cape Town, South Africa. Simple Flying says “Upon arrival in Cape Town, the aircraft will pick up a team of Norwegian researchers. From there, it will continue down to Troll Research Station, an ice runway in Antarctica. Guðmundur Egill tweeted that the aircraft has six pilots, 13 flight attendants, and one mechanic.”

This is a huge accomplishment for any airline to fly to Antarctica. This, however, is not the first time for them in Antarctica. They were there once, back in 2015 on a 757.

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It’s really rare to see flights like these! And it’s pretty cool to see one coming from one of the more Northern parts of the world!

Who said Antarctica doesn’t have a flagship carrier…


That’s amazing!!!


So, nobody tagged me? Alright ok, well

Icelandair did this some time ago with the 757 with another, instead of icelandair it was in their color scheme but the name icelandair was remove and the name of the group was but there, the 767 is better because there is a 2 x 3 x 2 instead of

3x3. Oh and they enjoy the ife and the food kk, bye

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It’s pretty cool icelandair has the privilege for this and was chosen out of the many airlines, or they are just used to the cool weather, in fact on the apron for
My flight I had shorts on in the cold, and I really didn’t feel nothing honestly.

Oh yeah well so beautiful nice Antarctica 🇦🇶‼️

It’s such a cool mission. There are some videos on YouTube about the 2015 flight, which are very interesting as well as an operation to a runway solely made up of prepared ice certainly is something different. Thanks for sharing these interesting news!

How long is that runway? Must be a thrill landing on it in the beast of the 767. Really great read! I’ll be tracking the flight on Flightradar24!

As short as tncm I think

This has to be the best name for a research station


TNCM can hold a 747.

I don’t know the length I’m just saying it looks like the length of tncm from watching the 2015 landing

Runway length is 9,927 feet/3,206 meters, but keep in mind it’s blue ice.

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C-17 is now growing angrier…

Yeah i saw a video of B752 the other day, great achievement! 🎈


Oh yes I remember hearing about this

NO WAY LETS GO!!! This also in fact use to be a former Air New Zealand plane ZK-NCO, on top of that Air New Zealand was planning to use 767 for charter service for scientist and other visitors.

They were planning on doing trial flights to Mc Murdo Sound in Antarctica to assess the suitability of operating charter services there but it never happened sadly. But one time they did flight took which about 150 lucky people from Dunedin, New Zealand to within an iceberg of the Antarctic, to see the aurora australis

Heres a pic:

Photo: Twitter/Avi Golan


i wonder if they have the troll face posted around the station for the lols

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