Icelandair | SEA-KEF | Boeing 757-200

Hey IFC!
I love Iceland! I really need to go there someday in real life, it sounds awesome. This route was so cool, I flew over so many cool places on the way including Greenland.
Server: Expert

Callsign: Iceair 680
The photos are here!
Our ride that’s going to take us to Reykjavik today

Takeoff from Seattle

Climbing over the cascades

Sunset over the Canadian Rockies

Small planes, big possibilities

Sleepy time

Morning over Greenland

Somehow a safe landing in KEF, it’s pretty hard to land the 757 soft as it has a good amount more ground clearance than other aircraft similar to it, so you forget how high you should be.

Parked at the gate

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Nice pictures! Tbh I can land the 757 alright only if I have full flaps and my speed is like 95-100 knots, so you kinda float softly down


What was your flight time?

Great photos too!


7 hours 30 minutes.


Wow! Might do it one time!


I personally land the 757 in full flaps either 130-120 knots to get good flares


I usually am light when I land though, I flare, but then I float a lot


Did you have a layover in JFK? I could be wrong but I think Iceland air flies that route with a stop in JFK.

Nope, they fly this route nonstop @Comif

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Awesome pics! I did KEF-SFO (flight time around 8:30) in the B757 a couple weeks ago, it was an amazing experience getting to land this rusted bird 😅

Hope you enjoyed as well!

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Ah ok didn’t know actually!

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Hah! I just completed this flight IRL a few hours ago. Thanks for the look back. Actual flight: aircraft - “Vatnajökull” with unique livery; way more clouds :-); published SID… forget about it, just make the turn and head directly to the desired airway into Canada; Greenland nice but the dim light of dawn; slightly hard landing rwy 19; parked at an actual gate.

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Hm… yes, yes, very nice

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