Icelandair “Plain” livery at Heathrow (05-01-21)

Hello guys and gals,

I thought I’d share with you a sort of interesting Icelandair livery with you today from work. There isn’t anything…special about it but I actually don’t know the story behind why it isn’t fully painted.

Pushback in commence

Close up view of the front of the aircraft, registration: TF-FIC

Close up view of the back

Wing View

Boarding Completed, Doors closed

Ready for departure

Hope you enjoyed these pictures! Also if anyone knows why it’s not fully painted please do let me know or I’ll try to find out in my next shift ☺️!


Photo credits: Me!


Dang, didn’t even know they had this livery! Great shots!


Icelandair always surprising huh XD Thanks!!!

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I’ve seen this livery multiple times before! It’s always a little bit disappointing in my opinion.

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I agree tbh! That’s why I said its nothing special hahaha! Hence was wondering if anyone knew the reason behind why its not painted fully XD

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Great shots! Never seen it before (probably because I’ve never been to Iceland or Europe) but it’s definitely interesting why they wouldn’t complete the paint job…

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Thank you!!! Yeah I would love to know why! Also can you believe they days I don’t work is the day the Hekla Aurora pops in! Hopefully will get it one day! XD

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That’s my favorite livery of theirs, hopefully one day you’ll get it!!

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It came in twice in a row a couple of days ago :( was on annual leave unfortunately. So highly doubt it will come anytime soon but fingers crossed and all that lol

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I saw this once at KEF, looks so weird, but also kinda cool!

Now the million dollar question: Can we call it a special livery?

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I’ve seen this livery multiple times but every time, it feels like a ritz cracker without the salt :/

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Well that’s the thing XD its certainly not a “normal” livery but its nothing special either!


yeah very much so

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I spotted this at DEN around a year ago just sitting on the east pad waiting for it to be towed back to the gate so it could go to KEF. It does look pretty bland compared to the normal Icelandair livery. I also find it interesting that it lacks scimitars like most Icelandair 757s that come to DEN. Nice photos!

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Also, I think I might have a reasoning for why it is painted like this:

Looking at its history, Iceair received this A/C back in 2011. Only 2 months after they recieved this aircraft though it was leased to the UN as you can see:

It was then returned to Iceair a few months later, seems when they returned it thy never fully repainted the underbelly of the aircraft…it was leased to Air Niugini for a few months in 2013 using a hybrid livery:

Once again, when returned in 2014 they never repainted it, seems Iceair likes to use this aircraft particuarlly for anyone who wants to lease a 757 from them, and usually if they want a new livery on there why repaint the entire plane when you can only do some parts, so that might be the reasoning, along with its past history with a white underbelly! But there you go, my explanation for it!

Credit in the images


Ayyy cheers for the info mate!

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no problem!

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I thought it was a UN plane haha

Very interesting… some great photos tho mate!

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Thank you! More to come soon!!