Icelandair New Livery at Heathrow 07-02-22

Well, I never thought I’d be adding to my series of Icelandair liveries as I basically caught all the special ones. This is one of the three new liveries that Icelandair have painted on their 737-8 aircraft as they are rebranding. Here is TF-ICY!

I’m not too sure if I’m keen on it
What are your thoughts?


Hmm, it looks better than the mock-ups but it’s just not great. The old livery was so elegant and timeless. This is something that won’t age too well. Still not a fan. Also the pink is going to look so tacky on there.


Looks a bit ryanairish lol


I wouldn’t want to see it in Dublin


Ewwwww, ngl they should abandon this livery and go back to the old one. Thanks for sharing though

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Icelandair: hey can I copy your homework?

Ryanair: sure, just change it up a bit to make it look less obvious


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I honestly love it.

I don’t like it as much as their old 757 and 767 livery, but I definitely prefer it to their “old” 737 MAX livery (it just looked odd to me).

Love that second picture!

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