Icelandair | JFK-KEF | Boeing 757-200

Hey IFC!
What a peculiar flight today. After tiding a bunch of short hops in Canada, I decided to fly out of a featured airport, and JFK just happened to be one of them!
Server: Expert

Callsign: Iceair 614
The photos are ready!
Haulin takeoff from JFK

Left turn

Climbing high

Approaching Boston

Flying over Halifax

Nothing but ocean

Greenland off in the distance

Approaching Reykjavik

Final 19

Safe landing (at least I think, 757s are impossible to land)

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Nice pics!!

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Beautiful, I flew this route the other day aswell

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Beautiful shots! 😍

#reworkthe757 💪


Nice shots! Had a taste of Iceland by flying out of the “other” Icelandic airport. Looks like you got yours!


Looks like you flew the realistic 31L departure from JFK. Nice one! And great shots as always too

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Ahh yeah this airport is actually Keflavik airport there is the downtown Reykjavik airport as well is that the one you are taking about?

@Lucas_Piedra actually ATC gave me 31R since I was on the north side of the airport, even though you should never use 31R/13L for departures, but I still made the left turn that I would have made if I was departing off 31L.

A lot of airports with pairs of parallel runways have one of them for departures and one for arrivals, but not often both.


Nah, Akureyri. Transavia flies to there from the Netherlands seasonally. 🙃

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Well then still realistic since IRL 31R ops are a little more common due to the ongoing situation. They still use the same SID ;)

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Spongebob narrator voice “And here we have the famous, impressive Left turn on display for you to see. This is one of the greatest feats known to this date, the artist making a left turn in his aircraft.”

Nice pics, looked like a fun flight!


Beautiful! Flown this route myself a few times.

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Akureyri-Alicante ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Beautiful shots! Thank you for being brave enough to fly the 757. And nice proper departure out of JFK!

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Lol okay

Very nice pictures! The Icelandair livery is lovely!

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