Icelandair Hekla Aurora 757 Model - SOLD OUT

Gemini Jets have announced a model in 1/200 of the amazing Icelandair Hekla Aurora.

I have ordered mine from Airspotters and they have it at an outstanding price, much cheaper than anywhere else that I have seen!

For those of you that do not like collecting 1/200 models due to their size, do not worry! A 1/400 one is also being released by Gemini Jets next month!


Oh man, that sounds cool but $97 is a bit expensive.

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Git is amazing value.

It’s die cast metal 1/200… It’s cheapest there at Airspotters. That’s why I shared it so people here get cheapest price.

Wow, maybe I’ll buy it at some point.

Be quick! It will be a sell out!

Isn’t this AMAZING!!!


$97 is an inflated MSRP due to the increased demand for models. $70-80 is what you should actually pay for such a plane based on the wholesale prices.

IT is also because it is highly detailed!

They cost me no more to order wholesale than the older releases, it’s just the MSRP that is going through the roof for the customer.

It is an unbelievably sought after model… Highly detailed… bit of both I think


Only 72 of these models are coming into the UK!!

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