Icelandair Hekla Aurora 757-200

I like Iceland Air,that is beautiful.


By the way, the aircraft is “Hekla Aurora”. Could you also credit the image with a link or something?

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Sure! I’m sorry!!! 🙃🙃🙃

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I think I’ve seen this as SEA a couple times. Really pretty!

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The northern lights always seem to spark ones attention


Unfortunately this is a duplicate request.

However, as the most recent post was a few months ago, I’ll let the mods decide what to do. But please search before posting next time :)


I’m sorry XD,I usually look stuff up before requesting,i didn’t expect this to be already posted but that ones old.

My very first trip to Iceland I flew on this, it was a treat!


I’m sure this won’t be overlooked once the 757 rework comes along.

The other one only had 5 votes and was pretty inactive. :) I have closed the other one and we will keep this one open.

But yes search before posting next time ;)


🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃Okie thanks!!! 🙂🙃🙂

Ooh surprised this wasn’t requested before! Anyways removed a vote for this

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I’ll vote for this when a 757 rework is on the table! I think this is the most beautiful livery present on the 757


Changed Description (Added Routes, and Where it’s name came from)

Voted for this looks great!🙂

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Be Sure To Vote If You Like This Livery!
More Photos ; )

Credits To Icelandair Themselves For This Photo

Got This Model Yesterday!


It’s a lovely livery. Such a shame iceland doesn’t have 15m scenery…

I totally agree with you that we need this livery however I am out of votes.

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Wow, Amazing! Thanks for sharing 😉