Icelandair Hekla Aurora 757-200

This would be amazing for the 757! I like to fly to Iceland from London and JFK but with this Livery, it would be even better! This would be the most beautiful Livery for the 757 in IF in my opinion

Icelandair 757-200 Hekla Aurora

Credit: Andreas Eriksson

More About It



Where It’s Name Came From
‘Hekla’ is a traditional Icelandic girl’s name and also the name of one of Iceland’s better-known volcanoes. ‘Aurora’ is a reference to the northern lights.

I like Iceland Air,that is beautiful.


By the way, the aircraft is “Hekla Aurora”. Could you also credit the image with a link or something?

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Sure! I’m sorry!!! 🙃🙃🙃

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I think I’ve seen this as SEA a couple times. Really pretty!

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The northern lights always seem to spark ones attention


Unfortunately this is a duplicate request.

However, as the most recent post was a few months ago, I’ll let the mods decide what to do. But please search before posting next time :)


I’m sorry XD,I usually look stuff up before requesting,i didn’t expect this to be already posted but that ones old.

My very first trip to Iceland I flew on this, it was a treat!


I’m sure this won’t be overlooked once the 757 rework comes along.

The other one only had 5 votes and was pretty inactive. :) I have closed the other one and we will keep this one open.

But yes search before posting next time ;)


🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃Okie thanks!!! 🙂🙃🙂

Ooh surprised this wasn’t requested before! Anyways removed a vote for this

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I’ll vote for this when a 757 rework is on the table! I think this is the most beautiful livery present on the 757


Changed Description (Added Routes, and Where it’s name came from)

Voted for this looks great!🙂

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Be Sure To Vote If You Like This Livery!
More Photos ; )

Credits To Icelandair Themselves For This Photo

Got This Model Yesterday!


It’s a lovely livery. Such a shame iceland doesn’t have 15m scenery…

I totally agree with you that we need this livery however I am out of votes.

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