Icelandair fly in

Hey everyone! Spawn at BIRK in a Icelandair 757-200 at 7:30 pacific time for a group flight!

Hey man! Good idea but we need make sure this is in the right area #live:groupflights

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Also, where is the destination?

Oh! Thanks my mistake

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BIBD. It is a very short flight

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Adding on to what @anon93248082 said, also make sure you format the flight correctly when creating it!

No problem!
Make sure you follow the format

Got it. Thanks


Isn’t 7:30 PM Pacific Time 6 1/2 hours from now ?

My recommendation is you post your flight 1:30 to 0:30 minutes in advance, otherwise, o think you should make it an event.

Okay. It will be in training server as well.

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Make sure you’re following the format that misha put into place

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Hey there! Please follow this format for your title:

And this for your content:


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Oh, I would have joined if on Expert : (