Icelandair eyes 757 replacement

I imagine, that this might be a replacement for the B767s they have. Since they said they liked their current fleet (with the different aircraft sizes at their disposal) I think the -10 or XLR will be ordered for their B752s

Just a reminder, Icelandair said last month that they are very happy with the MAX’s performance and have delayed finding a replacement widebody plane or a replacement 757:

They still expect the 757s to be gone by 2026, and of course are looking at the MAX 10 and 321LR, but are also thinking about the 787. That could work nice for longer routes and busier routes. While I think the 321LR is a great 757 replacement, I wouldn’t be surprised with the MAX 10 considering they are loving their MAXs.

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I think that Icelandair and many other former 757 operators can do is to propose a new sheet for the 757 models as they did with the 777X and 737MAX since what @AAEagle said is the reality. They can request a new/upgraded model for the 757 something like 757X or 757MAX, Yes it could take some time and even years to develop this model but it could make the 757 more useful since many former airlines have expressed their feelings about the 757 and saying it was magnificent aircraft, but it just consumes too much fuel which is a problem.

And if airlines like IcelandAir make a request for a new and upgraded variant it could ease up the situation. Now the 757 consumes around 3.1 to 3.3 Tons of fuel at cruise, they can change that with new engine technology such as CFM-LEAP and PW types of engines. There was a statement that said with new tech it can come down as low as 2.6-2.8 Tons which is alot!

But yeah only time will tell and I hope they request a new/upgraded variant of the 757!

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Some concept images for reference!


A 757MAX or other newer incarnation of the 757 may arrive as the 797 in the future

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What if the 797 is the 757 just a better version and other fuselage tweaks?

Guess we wait and find out

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Airbus should take the A330 NEOs and scale it down to something just slightly larger than a 757, I’d name it the “A325” and a 753/788/A332 replacing “A326”

As for boeing doing something similar with the 767 family wouldn’t be a bad idea!

very intersting topic, It’s a mindful question about the future of Icelandair. Due to their central position in the world they need specific aircraft to reach all destinations they want to serve. I would say airbus A321XLR is better than the Boeing 737-10 MAX because airbus is more advanced on the testing phase of the plane and icelandair could pick her planes up quicker to relance his network after covid crisis that won’t be over yet in two or three years or close to the end ( let’s hope).
I flew with icelandair three years ago on their Boeing 757 and it was a great experience and the Boeing 757 is an amazing plane as well
I’m sure I won’t be treated of airbus Fan or something else ;)

The XLR doesn’t even have engines installed, the MAX-10 flew over 7 months ago and has completed over 95 test flights, so you probably wanna flip that statement.

This would also be flipped, the first MAX-10 slots are available for possibly late 2023, but definitely 2024. The XLR wouldn’t be till 2025 at the earliest

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Is the M10 more efficient?

Don’t know exactly, as we don’t have the specifics for it yet, however if we use estimated fuel tank sizes and range for the MAX-10 it comes out to around 3% more efficient overall. (A roughly 6800-gallon tank that flies an aircraft 3300 nm compared to an 8600-gallon tank that flies an aircraft 4000 nm)

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Max 10 is probably the best option for trans american routes then

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If we look at efficiency for the airlines though, you also need to consider how many passengers and how much cargo the respective aircraft can fly with that fuel.

I must disagree. According to Airbus, The XLR will be in service in 2023. Airbus A321neo variant is the perfect replacement for B757. The Max10 will reduce its range than the A321neo LR/XLR.


Yes, but we’re talking about when the aircraft can be put in service by the airline. The A321neo backlog currently extends to 2025

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True, I tried making my best guess by looking at the efficiency difference between the MAX-8 and MAX-9 and then plugging in specifications for the 9 and 10 that are presently available, I’m still thinking it will be in the 2-2.5% range, just to be safe in my estimating

Im sure airbus can deal with backlog. Since Airbus is adding Jobs and flexing the assembly line.

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