Icelandair Ends Reykjavik To San Francisco & Kansas City

B u b b l e B u r s t.

Icelandair will not return to San Francisco and Kansas City in Summer 2020 due to “commerical reasons”.

  • Both of these routes were added during the time WOW Air was rapidly expanding to cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Cincinnati, St. Louis, etc.

Icelandair responded by launching service to San Francisco - which WOW served using an A330 until WOW cut the route - and interestingly, Kansas City.

This was Kansas City’s (MCI) only service across the Atlantic. Now, they will lose this flight.

  • Additionally, Icelandair is currently severely constricted by the MAX groundings, as routes like Reykjavik to Cleveland, Ohio were cut as a result.

In my opinion, I was surprised to see Kansas City last this long after WOW went bankrupt. Honestly would’ve expected it to be one of the first to see cuts by Icelandair. Nonetheless, it’s a huge shame to see more cuts to Reykjavik.


B u b b l e B u r s t I n d e e d


Wow I didn’t know MCI even had an Atlantic route


Honestly I’m surprised that they flew to Kansas City in the first place 😂


YAY! I’m glad that SFO is losing YET another airline and route!!!

@BigBert10 is very happy about this!!! :D


SFO still has a lot more to go around


I don’t care! SFO is losing a route and an airline (Iceland Air and KEF)! My Monday has been made! :D


Does Iceland air fly to SJC no didn’t think so.


I don’t care of they don’t fly to SJC (it would be great if they do)

At least they are no longer flying to SFO is all I care about! :D


Die hard SJC fan


All of Bay Area airports suck…don’t know what the joy is?

What’s wrong with SFO?


I don’t like that airport…not at all
So I’m happy whenever something bad happens to it! :D

If you know me, you know how much I try to promote KSJC

It takes away the traffic from SJC… that’s it I believe…

Anyways, this is pretty sad for me. So many airlines are cutting routes to San Francisco (this will be the 5th for 2018-2019 although technically in 2020). I will really miss seeing the FI 767s and 757s at SFO though 😔

There are no more flights to Iceland on any airlines now… maybe United can start one, but I find that unlikely as 757s probably won’t be good for the route (although FI used to fly them here sometimes) and SFO is not a hub for the United 767


I’m not sad at all…unless Icelandair slashes SEA
Then I’ll be mad

I am sad that they’re stopping it 🤷🏻‍♂️

Okay that’s where you are wrong 😂

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Oh ok. You do you.

Chesepeake Bay Area Airports?


I definitely think another airline (Like united how you mentioned) will hop on the SFO-Iceland routes, so I wouldn’t be worried.

not guaranteed but I’m predicting it’ll happen