Icelandair Considers A321neo for Max Replacement

Icelandair, the biggest carrier in Iceland currently operates an all Boeing fleet. But just recently, it was reported that three are looking at Airbus for a replacement of their aging 757’s. The airline is considering the A321neo and A321LR to run alongside the Max’s or even replace them entirely. As the Max groundings continue with no end in sight, the airline is desperate for more aircraft in the meantime leasing aircraft. Due to the groundings, Icelandair has reported losses for Q1 2019 along with many other airlines where the Max is a big part for them. Let me know what you think below!

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Quite interesting, more like every other airliners they are replacing their older aircraft for the simple reason that it’s more efficient and profitable. 🤔

I really hope my favourite livery on the Boeing 757 will be kept for a good long time before it goes away.


Eh, I doubt it, the MAX will be flying again soon(ish), and those aircraft are new as can be, it makes almost no economical sense to replace them…


They are even planning to replace the A321neo before they receive the rest of the orders for the Max also, not just the 757

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They could also be threatening Boeing so they know that airlines are not happy with them

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I mean maby, but Boeing already knows that, it’s hurting Boeing’s business too, so they’re trying to get it done regardless

After they stopped 737Max around the world better for them to stay with Airbus or buying 787 😊

There is an economical sence. They need an aircraft as soon as possible to fly their short to medium haul routes and with the groundings of the max, theyre evidently losing a lot of money.

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Yes, as @Hamza.N said, they need their planes now, the maxes were a significant part of their fleet, maybe they lost faith in the aircraft, or just changed their minds about wanting it, which they have every right to do

Southwest Airlines pressured Boeing to develop the MAX or risk losing them to Airbus. Maybe it’s a similar thing, except it’s FIX the MAX quickly or we may cancel orders, like Garuda Indonesia.

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@Hamza.N, and @JeromeJ, what I think you’re missing is that new aircraft are not an imediet solution. They could be waiting well over a year if they ordered right now, and best estimates seem to think the MAX will be flying by summers end…

If you read the article, one of the main reasons why theyre considering the a321 neo is because it is capable of easily reaching the carriers destinations from iceland.

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As is the MAX, I don’t really see you’re point there…

Well, the a321neo is what they’re considering if they are to stop orders of the 737 max. Yes the Max is capable of fulfilling their needs as well as the fact it may be flying again in a couple of months, however the airline has lost over $3 milllion due to the aircrafts grounding. They may simply not want to use an aicraft which has serious problems at the moment and is costing them a lot of money, but instead move to the a321 neo which doesnt and has never had such problems.

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But if they just don’t want a max, then they just don’t want a max, they don’t have to fly it. As I said earlier, they may have lost faith in that aircraft and are reconsidering.

They are also interested in the A321neo long range version, and Boeing has nothing to counter that.

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Except the Max10 with quite a few auxiliary tanks

10 hr for the future A321neo XLR to be available from 2023 ;) Boeing was supposed to develop the new middle of market but I think that is even more very compromised now because of the MAX grounding

NO please dont replace the max keep them with the A320neo and LR

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