Icelandair Concept Livery

What does everyone think of the new Icelandair livery and it’s apparently being revealed in January?
Let Me Know Below 👇

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It’s terrible. The current one with yellow engines and blue empennage is better.


Is that your work? That’s quite rude of you both if I may say so myself.

I think it’s a unique concept that has potential. However, there’s a dedicated thread to your livery creations , or if they are not your original work (if they are official), post in #real-world-aviation.

Um no, just no

Well, I do like the different colored leading edge approach, but that’s it😂

OP never said it was his work. What OP DID say is “what do we think of the new Icelandair livery being released in January.” If it is his, I’d say I like the current one better. If it isn’t and the design is from Icelandair itself, then it’s ugly.


oh so im sorry, so do i say yes it looks good even when i disagree


I actually kinda like the livery… feel free to post the concept in the thread that @Thunderbolt posted until it’s officially released :)