Icelandair Cargo Boeing 757-200F

Now look at this beautiful pencil


**Credit:**Marcus Klockner

Not as good as Hekla Aurora, but the colours are still great.


Never new they had cargo. I love it tho

I would rather use a Staedtler instead of this pencil.

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I say yes, love the tail and the yellow painted engines

Lol mate if you think this is a pencil have you seen the 777-300 ;)

Uh, is it just me, or is the Boeing 777-300 not a pencil plane?

Not really, but the upcomming longest 777x is in fact a pencil, but not the 773 ;)

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I wanted to bring this old topic back up and share with this pretty cool plane. Icelandair Cargo has 1 757-200P2F and 1 757-200PF.

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I ADORE Icelandair, Greenland Air, and Condor planes! Now if they just could add the last two…

This isn’t a pencil. 757-300 is a pencil.

I think this livery is pretty good. IMO better than the passenger livery.