Icelandair Buys WOW air


Just seen a YouTube video from DJs aviation, and icelandair has bought WOW air. This is a huge surprise, they really never announced any intentions to do so. This may well mean WOW has have been having some problems lately.


Isn’t that crazy!? They will still operate as a different airline though.


And all WOW routes will still operate?

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Here’s an article with some more details

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At the moment yes. There may be a few changes.


To add a bit to this, here’s an article that talks about the purchase:

It looks like this might be good for WOW Air, as they’ve been struggling to stay in the black. On the other hand, competition between Icelandair and WOW Air keeps prices low – one group owning both airlines could lead to higher prices because Icelandair Group will basically have a monopoly on flights to and from Iceland.


Good, becuais I dont want to stop seeing that purple beuty at KPIT…


ready for a pun? WOW, that wasn’t expected, I wonder why WOW made this decision.


Not really a surprise to be honest.

Happy for the staff at WOW though, must have been tough with all the uncertainty especially so close to the festive period!

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Thats too bad. Will WOW be fully apart of Iceland Air, or be a substidary of it, and still operate the fleet the same way?

Yeah probably right. I was in KEF in Iceland airport. All that there seems to be is WOW air and Icelandair parked together excluding the other 5 airlines that fly there.also Icelandair was servicing Wow.

Hmm. I guess WOW Virtual will be making some huge changes


A bit crazy. I hope the livery stays though. That purple was outstanding, literally!

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Yes, WOW air have been having problems lately and I’m not surprised by this at all.

I was hoping WOW didn’t go away, it it doesn’t look like they will anytime soon. From these articles as well as the ones posted above, WOW Air will remain a brand while being owned by IcelandAir. Here’s hoping their financial problem gets better.

If the above article is subscription locked there is also this article.

That actually makes sense. A legacy airline with a low cost carrier owned by the company that operates separately? Sounds like Lufthansa and Eurowings.

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An example of one that is working is Jetstar, the parent company is actually Qantas

WOW I’m so sorry I was not expecting this!


Icelandair cancels Wow Air Take-over

More Link:


Thats a shocker, honestly now I’m very concerned

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