Icelandair BIKF-EGCC

Did a flight from Reykjavík, Iceland to Manchester,England. This was a very bumpy flight but we got there in the end!

Airline: IcelandAir
Departure time: 13:55
Arrival time: 16:19
Alt: Fl340
Speed (GS) : 461kts
Total ft : 2h42

At gate in BIKF

Take-off R10 at BIKF

Cruising at FL340 over north coast of Scotland

Landing R23R at EGCC (smooth landing btw😎)

Parked at the gate at EGCC

Enjoy the pictures!


Never knew we had an IcelandAir livery. It’s good to see people posting pictures of the liveries that people typically don’t know about or forget about.


Thanks man!