Icelandair B767-300ER

IcelandAir B767-300ER

Why hello once again!

Welcome to my Iceland Air B767-300ER feature request! Lets get right into it!

I have approval from a mod to make this topic.


About the Boeing B767

About IcelandAir

Why I want this livery

I think that livery is one of my favorites. This livery has a very “Classic” feel to it, and is loved by many around the world. Since we have only one Iceland Air plane, I think that this should be added to increase the fleet and diversity of the B767 in Infinite Flight. By adding this to the B767, I feel that many more would want to fly this aircraft more often.

I hope you vote for this, as its really needed!

Thanks for reading, and as always, see you around or in the skies!

I hope to see this livery when the 767 gets reworked. 👍


Definitively! This livery has a lot of potential.

For liveries on these types of planes, I would wait until there’s a rework before voting, since this is an older model.

This is what I’ll do

Well, a feature request is a feature request. There might not be a rework anytime soon, but at least the Devs will know what to add if there is one.


There is already a topic on this so flag it and see what the mods say.

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Please take a look at the top @Sashaz55 :)

I have already gotten approval from Schyllberg.

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Just flag the other one then.

I have mate…

I agree with you on this livery as I have wanted to fly the KSFO to BIKF or other way around flight with this aircraft in this livery as its a real flight. I’ll vote for this!

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How do you search to free up a vote?

I remember seeing this livery up-close when i was in Schipol 2 years ago and its beautiful.¨

You will definitely have my vote when a 767-rework is on the table (who knows when that will happen)

Click on your profile and on the left there should be a section and at the bottom it says votes with a heart next to it

Thanks everyone! 😊

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Gonna drop a vote for this! When a 767 rework comes in the future this would be great to see alongside the 757!

Yes, beautiful indeed.