Icelandair B752- Keflavik int'l to London Heathrow

Hi everyone! Just landed in London Heathrow after flying from Iceland, @Infiniteflight2 tagged along with me for this flight 😃. Flight time was a bit extended due to a Go around as an aircraft didn’t take off in time but i did manage to land back safe and sound :D Anyways here are some pictures i would like to share, hope you like it :)

Flight Details

Server- Expert
Flight time- 2hrs 48mins
Route- BIKF to EGLL
Cruising altitude and speed- FL370 at Mach 0.80
Aircraft- B757-200
Airline- Icelandair

  1. Passengers boarding while we go through our checklist

  1. Rotate!

  1. Gorgeous sunrise as we fly south to Heathrow

  1. Approaching London Heathrow

  1. Go around, make right traffic Runway 27R

  1. Final runway 27R

  1. Butter!

  1. Parked together in London Heathrow

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