Icelandair 80 years of aviation livery

Here is a new livery from Icelandair to celebrate their 80th anniversary! This is another beauty from them. I personally love this livery & is up there with the Helka Aurora livery.

From @matt_flyingants on Twitter


Very cool looking livery with the mountains!


I personally think that the yellow and blue colors combined together do appear to be kind of odd in my own opinion.

Wow! It’s looks photoshopped. It’s amazing! Iceland Air has the best special liveries.

Absolutely gorgeous! I wonder if Finnair will paint one of their planes when they turn 100 years old in 2023.

Amazing livery! I love it.

I love it!!! Its great!

This is by far one of my favorite liveries outside of New Zealand, Alaska, and Frontier. Good job Icelandair 💚

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Wow, such a beautiful livery! I really hope to spot it at ZRH soon. :)

They know how to make a great livery… hopefully I see this one day

Wow that looks really nice!

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