Icelandair 767-300ER out of the paint shop

Can’t wait to see this beautiful 767 in JFK. I’ll miss TF-FIX but I’d love to see TF-???. Just as gorgeous.

Neither are my photos.

The FI 763s will also go to YYZ and MSP and possibly others IIRC but not daily. JFK, LHR, and AMS will be daily

Transaero. Transaero’s fleet of Irish registered planes is why it has EI-___

What a beauty!

Hope they start building up a sizeable fleet of 767s to complement/replace some 757s. Love how it looks on the plane. Can’t wait to see the Icelandair livery on the new 737 MAXs.

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Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me about those 737’s! :D

YVR pls. We only get 752/753’s

757-300 has the range for KEF-YVR?

Is a 752, my bad. Flightradar24: Live Flight Tracker - Real-Time Flight Tracker Map

Will it fly to LGW?

Not sure which London airport(s) FI flies to. I only remember hearing that New York, Amsterdam, and London are getting consistent 767s

Ok. Thanks!

I need a scale model of this😄, it looks beautiful.

It’ll only be a matter of time before Geminijets cathed wind of this and moldes a model :). Possibly quicker for other makers


If only it had winglets…

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Damn! No winglets.