Icelandair 738 Max at LHR (21-04-21)

Good Afternoon everyone!
As some of you know I work at LHR and do check in and gates for Icelandair and have a few topics documenting different Icelandair aircrafts which come into Heathrow. Today’s one was very special!
The Icelandair 737-8 MAX registration TF-ICN flew in today and I have very cool shots to share! So enjoy!

FI450 taxiing into Stand 241 with a cheeky photobomb by the concord

Last passenger has come off from the inbound

Need I say more? Look at that engine

cool technology for the cabin crew

The cockpit for the 737-8 Max

The interior, I love the design! It’s very chic

Cleaning completed

A very cool tail shot

TF-ICN registration

Nice shot of the iconic winglets

Boarding completed

aaaaandddd pusback

I hope you liked the shots! It was very cool to finally step foot inside a 737 Max! Just waiting for the Hekla Aurora to pop by 😊

all photos are taken by me


Dang! My favorite plane and favorite livery to go with it!

totally not jealous of your job


These bad boys can do anything, and feel comfortable and quiter, especially the Icelandic way 😎

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Love it! I really want to take your job now.


Haha defo my fav livery! Especially Hekla 😍

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Yes the Cabin Crew was saying how quiet it was on the way to London!

Naa you can’t have me job 🙂😂

I wish I could. It seems awesome. What training did you have to do to get there?

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Amazing pictures 😀

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Just realized the name of the aircraft, Myvatn is named after a cool lake near a volcanic area


They give you the training once you apply but it’s knowing the check in and gate system mainly. There are different systems for different airlines

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Thank you 😊

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Yes next to the aircraft door they always have the name and explain what the name means and where they got it from! Super cooool!

That sounds cool. I’m gonna look into it further.

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It’s a really cool job!

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Awesome! This is now what I want to be if I can’t be a Pilot.

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There is so many different jobs that work with planes like dispatcher, Passenger service agent, fuelers among others! Have a look around it’s really cool😊

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Thanks! I might message you later with some more questions about it.

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Sure go ahead!

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The LEAP-1B engine looks awesome on the plane, especially with Iceair’s Yellow!

Lovely topic, cool to see another topic on the aircraft!

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