Icelandair 737 Max 8 TF-ICE New Livery

New Livery For Icelandair Painted On The 737 Max 8



I like the old livery with the Navy and Yellow

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Lovely new livery. However, I believe this topic is best for the #real-world-aviation. That requires a mod to approve the post, so I flagged it and maybe a mod or staff member can help you out

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I like the original livery in my opinion

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Typical 21st century clowning. I wonder who was stupid enough to think this was a good livery…


Looks very modern and fresh, would love to see it irl.
A big difference from the original blue yellow white livery which in my opinion is getting a little outdated.

That livery is cool as ice, but unfortunately we have to freeze this topic because it’s not Infinite Flight related.

Feel free to make an informative post in #real-world-aviation or open a #features request on your own.