Icelandair “100 Years of Independence” livery at LHR (04-08-21)

Hello everyone!
I think I have finally documented all of the icelandair special liveries that have come to Heathrow since I started doing check in and gates for Icelandair. It’s a nice touch that the final livery that I have got is the Icelandair Flag (as we call it) or better known as “100 Years of Independence”. This aircraft has only recently come out of storage from Spain and has been flying to the USA and Europe. Let’s have a better look:

Aircraft just on stand inbound from Keflavik Airport (Reykjavik) as FI450

interior being cleaned and prepared for the leg back

a different angle

#teamiceland winglet in support of the Icelandic national football team

closer look of the flag

preparation completed

FI451 ready for boarding

100 Fullveldi Islands

ready for pushback

calling up to LHR Ground

aaaaand pushed! Ready for departure to Keflavik Airport (Reykjavik)

I hope you enjoyed that and that’s the Icelandair special liveries spotted at LHR completed! Do check out my other topics documenting the other Icelandair liveries at Heathrow!
photos credits: me ☺️


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