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Does anyone know if the next scenery update will also include Iceland? It’s all flat at the moment whereas it’s quite hilly in reality.


I’m pretty sure Iceland got scenery about 2 updates ago?

Edit: I am wrong it hasn’t gotten an update

As Jason recently announce the whole of Iceland will be covered in the next scenery update,


However this update is only for the imagery, it will not make it any more hilly unfortunately.


Iceland received HD Scenery in May of 2018 during the 18.2 Update. Infinite Flight is working so hard to improve the HD map coverage at as fast of a pace as they can.

In an upcoming update, the northern part of Iceland is up to see a HD Scenery update. While we are still unsure if topography it will included.

See Here:

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Sadly it has been confirmed there will not be any topography.

I didnt think the food store was so popular? Kudos to them!

In all seriousness though…
Hopefully we had decent clear skies to get some good imagery!


Thanks. Shame that imagery does not go hand in hand with topography. I would’ve assumed it does. And in my opinion, imagery for Iceland is good enough, while what’s really needed is topography.

How do the two actually differ? Does a satellite also produce topographic data? And must it be purchased separately, then?

Topography (if I’m not mistaken) takes into account the height of the terrain and creates an accurate representation of that, in the app scenery.

I imagine that’s right. I would’ve thought imagery and topography come together. Shame if it doesn’t, but understandable.

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Great to get a new scenery, but its just not the same without Topograpgy. Norway, Svalbard, Greenland and Iceland consist of many high mountains and alot of fun approaches, and right now its all just flat…

Still i`m happy with a scenery-update and seeing this sim grow into becoming one of the best flight-sims there is, is a fun ride! I am sure that we will see topography in those countries/areas one day.

Agreed. Soon enough, hopefully

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