Iceland, Germany, and Austria!

This summer (late July) my family and I will be flying to Europe for 2 weeks! When we leave, we will depart from KBOS on July 15, and fly to Iceland (I don’t know what airport). We’ll have an 8 (i think) hour layover in Iceland, and then we will fly to Munich (MUC)! We are going to spend 1 week in Munich, and then we are going to drive to Austria. While we’re in Austria, we’re going to go to Italy (maybe by train?) and see Venice! After that week in Austria is up, we’re going to fly back to Iceland (from MUC) spend the night there, and arrive at KBOS! I can’t wait!


I might see your plane takeoff from KBOS :)

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Does KBOS ALWAYS use 22L/R, or do they use other runways too?

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I’m taking a simalar trip! My routes are SDF-ATL-CDG and MUC-ATL-SDF. We are taking Delta Air Lines and will be on a 717 (SDF-ATL), A330 (ATL-CDG), 767 (MUC-ATL), and 738 (ATL-SDF)

When are you going?

June/July of 2016

Im going July 15-30

Nice! Last time I went to Europe, I flew to Frankfurt from JFK on Singapore. About a week later (New Year’s day), my dad flew in and we took 2 trains (change in Brussels) to London. 4 days later, we flew back to Frankfurt and caught our flight back to JFK.

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Depends on the winds, check here

I have been to Austria several times. Very beautiful. Be sure to check out both the cities and the resorts, which one are you going to? (PM)

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MUC is a cool airport, definitely worth spending a day planespotting there!

It seems like everyone is going somewhere! The only place I’m going is nowhere out of the state!

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Iceland airport 99% must be Reykjavik-Keflavik

Last time I went to Europe (2014), I went like this:

  1. KJFK-EIDW (John F Kennedy Int’l-Dublin Airport) in an Aer Lingus A330-300

  2. Waited 7 hours for flight to LHBP (Budapest Liszt Ferenc Int’l)

  3. EIDW-LHBP in an Aer Lingus A320

  4. 10 days in Budapest

  5. 3 hours at LHBP for flight to EIDW

  6. LHBP-EIDW in an Aer Lingus A320

  7. Stayed in Dublin for 3 days

  8. Waited 3 hours at EIDW for flight back to KJFK in an Are Lingus A330-300

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I’m going to Iceland on the 25th July!

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I found out yesterday that I will be flying over on a B757-200

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