Iceland air to Cairo

I very realistic route from Reykjavik to Cairo in the Icelandair Boeing 757-200! The flight took around 6 and a half hours long and we cruised at 35000 feet, later we climbed to 37000 feet. The cruise speed was mach 0.80 and it took place on the expert server. This was a really nice and highly realistic route to fly.

Information about this flight;

    • Server: expert server 
    • Aircraft: Boeing 757-200
    • Livery: Iceland air 
    • Route: BIKF-HECA 
    • Altitude: fl350 - fl370 
    • Speed: mach 0.80
    • Flight time: 6 hours and 38 minutes 

Early in the morning.

We are airborn-ing.

Then we are cruising.

Then we are turn-ing.

Above Greece and one and a half hours away from land-ing.

So here is the land-ing.

And now it’s a ending.

Tomorrow I’ll post a screenshots and videos topic about a flight from Dubai to Budapest in the Wizzair a320! I’m currently working on a topic with my best pictures of 2021 too!

Thanks for viewing, enjoy the holidays!


Love this one :)


Love these pictures! Especially the last one with the Egyptair A330😀

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Outstanding Photos!

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Thank you!!


beautiful images!

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