Iceland air still active

Is Icelandair still active I haven’t seen there topic since now

Per the IFVARB website Iceland Air Virtual is a banned VA due to copyright or other issues.

See here: IFVARB

I have not seen a virtual airline make a airline around Iceland Air’s fleet yet.

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If your talking about real life then yes but if your talking about VA then i don’t think their ever has been.


Currently part of Alaska Virtual as a claimed subsidiary… 😁

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I don’t mean to steer off-topic, but Alaska Airlines does not own, subsidize, or represent Icelandair in real life. The only correlation between the two is a codeshare agreement as outlined on both airlines’ websites. Therefore, ASVA cannot claim Icelandair’s routes, especially since Icelandair is on prohibited VAs.

@EI-AVA - please don’t be surprised if an IFVARB Admin contacts you in the near future to discuss this (you’re not in trouble, don’t panic).

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