Iceland air new livery's


The infinite flight could you please consider adding the Iceland air livery for the 737-900 and the 767-300 Iceland air? If so thank you!!

Hello! Icelandair has never operated any 737NGs, so that is out of consideration. As for the 767, you can drop a vote here:


Unfortunately, this topic falls under the #features category. This category requires users to be TL2 (member), to make a topic.

Since you are TL1 (Basic User), I suggest that you use the search tool and see if any of your requested liveries have a topic. If so, you can vote for them!

If they don’t have a topic, when you become TL2 (member), you can create separate topics yourself in that category. Just keep contributing to the community, and you will be there in no time!


They actually operated the 738 briefly (less than a year), but it never was in their full livery

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