Ice Ice Baby

So recently, there were 2 unique landings in Antarctica.


I gave it a try at recreating…from FACT (Cape Town)

I used the A339 as that’s the only one with HiFly livery and I needed an active cockpit.

I also landed at Troll Station or AT27 cause Wolf Fang’s runway isn’t available.

Walking to the gate and thinking about life!

Took the staff stairwell and approaching my ride…while still thinking about life

Ground Staff sent me a few pics while loading supplies and equipment.

Doing the walk around. Needed to make sure everything was set for this really technical trip.

Copilot opened the door for me…

Preflight planning… really needed to mentally prepare for this one. Even in the simulation world.

On approach to the Antarctic coast and going over approach and landing procedures

Landing this one really gave me that “WARM” fuzzy feeling inside

Until next flight…

They’re 11 pics… don’t judge me.

Actually… they were 11 pics but I took one off cause… instead of supporting people’s post and leaving positive comments, we have some kids in here who have no sense of discretion and think they’ll get hired by Infinite Flight.

Do well in school. That’s how you’ll get hired

Trust that the moderators can handle the task appropriately.


those are nice pictures

but please follow the posting rule: About the Screenshots and Videos Category

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Really amazing pictures tho!!!

🥵 crazy shots

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Cool pictures!

^ That is sooo true… and funny at the same time


Cool pictures! I also agree with @Kstate lol

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Literally what my parents say every single day but I still have no hints leading up to me getting hired except for my grads, and probably common sense.

Amazing Photos btw!


Awesome photos, and very accurate statement lol.


Take on some coding. The future is tech.

And whatever you intend on following as a career. Be passionate about it.

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Well, I do want to be a pilot which is where science and math comes in handy. The future awaits for me which I hope for the best. And yes I agree on your statement the future is tech.

Hey man I’m just trying to keep the IFC a good place, it was a violation of the guidelines, please be respectful. I know I’m not a mod, and have no intentions to be hired by Infinite Flight.

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Awesome…I wanted to earlier in life as well. But failed at physics as a teenager and got discouraged.

Keep it up… you’ll get there

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Dude, you are the third freaking person to of posted that.


Thanks Man! I’ll try my best to do so.

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Okay. Sorry

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No worries bud… Let the mods do their thing if they choose.


Yeah, I agree. Sorry for being annoying lol

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Choose the sole photo to remove please. If I say yes to 11 pics, then everyone else will moan over unfair treatment when I tell them to remove and limit their post to 10.

Everyone else… just flag the post. One person is all that is needed to inform the user. We can take care of the rest.

And please remove that “leave the modding to the mods” thing. Not necessary. You’re asking for people to mini mod and only provoking them. 🙃


Beautiful pictures! Antartica is always forgotten by almost everybody…


Beutiful photos

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