Ice cooling my phone for IF, and why you should too!

Hey everyone. Today I had an idea that was a big solution to a problem I had. I’m a computer snob, so having a high refresh rate (smooth) experience is a necessity for me. I always had “limit framerate” turned on in my settings, and whenever I turned it off my phone would thermal throttle (slow down to reduce temperatures.) and sometimes crash. Today I found a solution.

ice cooling.

I have my silicon ice pack inside a sealed plastic bag with my phone resting on it.

Before you say “but Pie that’s a terrible idea.” It isn’t, and let me explain why.

  • the phone does not experience stress from being hot to going cold. I always put it on the ice pack at room temperature and then let it warm up by running IF.
  • there is no chance of water getting inside the phone either, since the bag is sealed.

And let me tell you, with Limit FPS turned off- IF is a completely different experience. Looking around the cockpit is incredible, especially In the A-10.

I’d definitely recommend doing this, as long as you make sure your bag is sealed and you put your device on the pack before starting if so you don’t hurt anything in the device through heat fluctuation stress.

What do you think? Is this a good a bad idea?



I would say it’s more hassle then it’s worth. I would rather risk it for the chocolate biscuit. In this case for the better frame rate by turning limit frame rate off instead and with no weird concoction, if you have a newer device you may be fine turning it off just for take off and landing. I certainly do that sometimes when taking screenshots.


I actually tried this with my old iPhone 5S once. It worked fantastic for the first few times, then my phone started to deteriorate, drastically. It also drowns the battery of the device, even when charged. I actually looked up if this is safe for any style device. A website (I’m not sure what website) said that it is like putting your device into a open freezer, and letting is sit there. It will destroy your device. So I wouldn’t recommend doing this. Just lower the brightness, or put your device in a cool room. I wouldn’t risk it.

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If I’m not mistaken, phones (and really any device for that matter) are made to run at “normal” temperature, not too hot, not too cold. They’re not made for the extremes.

I see the thought, and I see how it could help, but in the long run, it will do more damage than good. I suggest not doing this.


My Samsung S8+ never overheats and everything is maxed out. But it sounds like a good idea.

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It’s definitely a nice idea, and I’m sure the picture will look incredible. But I do believe Aaron and Ethan have a point with their objections.

I think I’ll stick with the lower frame rate or a warm tablet.


I have a cooler for my laptop but when I use my tablet to fly, I use the cooler fan. I use it overnight for long hauls and it is very quiet which is awesome.

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Infinite Flight / IFC is not responsible for broken devices due to frozen devices, devices in the freezer or refrigerator, or condensation. If your device is hot please adjust your settings.


If the temperature of the device is far from what it was designed to (too hot/too cold), it’ll screw up your battery life


I’d have a few concerns, first off condensation, especially if it’s keeping you’re device cool/cold, that can actually happen inside the device, not just outside, that can kill you’re device. There’s also the prospect of what’s known as thermal shock, like when you expect hot water but the shower is cold, that’s what happens to metal, and that’s everything in you’re phone, CPU’s, GPU’s, eaven the lithium in you’re battery is a metal, and thermal shock is bad for metal, like quite bad. Devices also have a minimum operating temperature, and if it’s on ice it can’t really do anything to protect it’s self, it can when it gets too hot. A person who works on keeping devices cool explains in a bit more detail why Ice is not the way to do it here:


Nah I’ll pass I’m good 😯

Good to know. When IF is running, the back of the phone feels room temperature (the heat and cold cancel out.) would that be an issue?

Treat yourself to the XS Max and you can toss the ice…

Do I dare bring up super computers, quantum computers, mining rigs, and any of Linus’s builds?

On a serious note, I like everyone else, don’t recommend doing this.


I’ll stop doing this. Any other options? Normal house fan?

I think you knew what I meant here. 😉

@Xpira go ahead. I got something with cooling 🤓

Some Corsair Liquid Cooling for my over clocked CPU


Best advice is to utilize in app settings (limit frame rate, low power mode) and lower your brightness if you aren’t sight seeing, otherwise keeping the device on a hard surface like a table or on a book may help dissipate the heat that builds up. Unfortunately until mobile devices have micro fans nothing could ever replicate the transfer of heat from one medium to another like air cooling or liquid cooling can. That’s basic thermodynamics.


Didn’t DaddyLinus use 2 jet engines to cool a PC or something a while back?

Mini fridge, industrial grade fans, oil, liquid nitrogen. Ya know, the usual.

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The risk it for the chocolate biscuit spoke to me