I am looking for a website where I can see every, yes every airport in the world. (Like google maps for avgeeks). If anyone could link one then thanks!

And yes this probably is a duplicate but I can’t see this topic exactly taking off ahahahhahahahha tragic pun inbound. it’s just a question.


LiveFlight’s map includes all airports that are included in Infinite Flight!


It actually includes every airfield in the world if not mistaken. The map looked like that before Global even reached testing :)


*With a valid Horizon subscription only.

This should work:



No, you do not need a horizon subscription to view and zoom on the map… You only need it to view runway numbers, controllers, etc

yeah, but only like 6 airports in the entire world appear and I am not spending any more money on subscriptions. I think what cam is dong is great but I need money in life xD.

Without a Horizon subscription, you cannot view all worldwide airports. Only airports with active ATC appear on the map for a non-Horizon user.

The link I gave @Cpt.TC is pretty much what he was looking for. :)


Ah, you are correct. That’s my fault!

Literally has been called the google maps of aviation before. I have a link to it in my preflight tools.

AeroPointer is also a good app, provides airport info, Times, weather, sunrise/sunset, and every type of airfield imaginable. Can also look up na aids on it. Has a neat globe map too that you have the option of overlaying TFRs, SIGMETS, and satellite weather on…free in the App Store.

ForeFlight, but that costs. Navigraph Charts is also good, but that also costs. WingX is only US.


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