Iberojet Airbus A350-900

Iberojet Airbus A350-900 -- ---- ![image|819x556](upload://xaNqPr6BvzUXGtaE0tlls6eBpfE.jpeg)

About Iberojet

Iberojet is a fairly new airline that merged together with Evelop Airways And Orbest in December 2020. They have a fleet of 7 aircraft.

1 Airbus A320 (EC-LZD)
1 Airbus A330-200
3 Airbus A330-300
2 Airbus A350-900

Founded in 1973, The airline currently has 7 routes combined.

About Airbus

Airbus SE is a European multinational aerospace corporation Based in Leiden, NL. It designs, manufactures and sells aircraft globally.

About the Airbus A350.

The A350-900 is the first A350 model; it has a MTOW of 280 tonnes,( typically seats 325 passengers, and has a range of 8,100 nmi (15,000 km).

It would be greatly appreciated if it was added as, EC-NBO, the plane in infinite flight is in this state.

Infinite Flight has this but with the old Iberojet (Evelop) . But you can’t blame them because when they released it, evelop immediately changed the name, logo and everything to Iberojet. Very bad luck…

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