Iberia Virtual | Welcome to the Pride of Spain | February 2021 Launch


Welcome to Iberia Virtual! Established in February 2021, we are a VA on a mission to connect Spain with the world. We have redesigned the concept of a virtual airline, bringing in state of the art technology and unique traditions within the VA. We invite you to join us, and earn your Iberian wings.

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Entry Requirements
  • Must be 14 years of age
  • Must have an active Infinite Flight Pro subscription
  • Ability to access Discord
  • Possess an IFC account and in good standing
  • No current or past suspensions, as well as no bans from any certified VA/VO
  • Not watchlisted or blacklisted by the IFVARB
  • Minimum of Grade 3
  • No more than 2 reports in last year
  • Ability to pass written exam and check flight with certified-Iberia Flight Instructor

Welcome from our President @texasaviation
Howdy! I’m Texas, Founder and President of Iberia Virtual. I am ecstatic to begin Iberia’s journey in connecting Spain to the world. Finally, we have a virtual airline that represents the gorgeous country of Spain. Whether you prefer short hops, or long overnight flights, cargo or passenger routes, we have it all. On behalf of myself and the Senior Leadership Team at Iberia Virtual, I invite you to further advance your piloting career, and take on the Iberian skies!

Here at Iberia Virtual we pride ourselves on ensuring we have the most diligent, kind, and compassionate staff. We strongly believe having a smaller staff team guarantees our pilots get a friendly approach and helping hand 24/7. We have a staff team from all around the world, across various time zones, so there will always be someone available to lend a helping hand!

Senior Leadership Team
President @texasaviation
Deputy President @15shawo
Chief Pilot Vacant
Recruitment Manager @CaptainLeo1
General Staff Team
Events Manager @Andres
HR Manager @Jaylan_Brown
Flight Instructor Vacant

Any staff vacancies at IBVA will be advertised here or on our website

Our Hubs showcase the very best of Spain, Madrid (1) the largest city in Spain and Barcelona (2) are our two homes. Barcelona is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, or if you prefer mountainous views on Departure, maybe Madrid is for you!

More info on our hubs can be found here.

Here at Iberia Virtual we have a state of the art fleet consisting of Airbus, Bombardier and Boeing aircraft ready to explore the globe and connect Spain to the world.

Long Haul Fleet

  • Airbus A350-900
  • Boeing 747-200

Short and Medium Haul Fleet

  • Airbus A321-100
  • Bombardier CRJ-100 (Air Nostrum)

Ranks Information

Rank Hours Aircraft Unlocked Codeshare Aircraft
Cadet 0 CRJX Qantas DHD8
Second Officer 10 CRJX and all aircraft from previous ranks Qantas B738, Air China A319, Korean Airlines B739, easyJet A319, American Eagle CRJ700
First Officer 35 A321 and all aircraft from previous ranks El Al B738, Malaysian B738, American B738, A320, easyJet A320, Korean Airlines A333,
Senior First Officer 90 All aircraft from previous ranks Air China B737, Finnair A321, American A321, Qantas A388,
Captain 150 A350 and all aircraft from previous ranks Korean Airlines B772, Finnair B757, American B757, Malaysian B772, Korean Airlines Cargo B77F, Air China B789,
Senior Captain 350 B742 and all aircraft from previous ranks. Access to private channel on Discord. Korean Airlines A388, Finnair A359, American B772, Qantas B789
Command Captain 700 All of the above Korean Airlines B748, American B789, Malaysian A359, Malaysian B744, Malaysian A388, El Al B78X

From the beaches and countryside of Europe, to exotic places like North Korea and Mongolia, with our extended route network, there will always be a new route to fly and somewhere new to explore. The map above shows routes served by Iberia.

But that’s not all - our diverse codeshare network can take you even further!

Our Current Codeshare partners are @MalaysiaAirlinesVA, @QantasVirtualGroup, @Korean_Virtual, @easyJetVirtual, @OldAirChinaVirtual, @AmericanVirtual, @FinnairVA & @elal-virtual

With our Partners, the possibilites are endless, taking you further and connecting the world. More information on Codeshares and Routes can be found on our website, and if you want to know more, just let us know and drop us a message and we will be happy to help!


We are proud to be a @oneworldvirtual member.

On behalf of everyone at Iberia Virtual, we thank you for taking a look at our thread. To join us and be apart of a professional Pilot team, please PM us or visit our Website.

Apply Here

Iberia Virtual is in no way affiliated with the real world Iberia Airlines in any way. Iberia Virtual would like to thank Jarrett, Max, and the entire IBVA staff team for their contributions towards the creation of this VA.


So proud of the Staff team, and proud to be Deputy President!

Here’s to our first year!


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Congratulations on getting approved, best of luck for the future from all at AerLingusVA 🇮🇪 🇪🇸


Congratulations on getting Approved from us here at AppleJet Vacations Virtual(Soon to be in prosessed)!! Good luck in the Future


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Pleasure to have you as one of our Partners, looking forward to the future!


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It is an honor to serve as Iberia Virtual’s President. I couldn’t be more proud of our amazing staff team, and I look forward to meet all of our new pilots very soon!

Founder & President, Iberia Virtual


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Wowww, a beautiful thread and an amazing VA. Congratulations and welcome to the VA world on behalf of AFLV.

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Congrats and welcome to the world of Virtual Airlines. I wish you best of luck for your VA