Iberia Virtual | Carry your passion in the skies

We are a non-profit virtual airline made for a professional and realistic experience for our pilots and the community of Infinite Flight.
We have destinations to more than 110 destinations all around the globe. You just need to apply!!

I Apply I Website I

Be the first one to apply we can’t wait to have join our community and explore all of our destinations with us.

Our Fleet
  • A320
  • A321
  • A330
  • A350
  • 747
  • CRJ-1000

Our ranks are decided by hours.

  • New hire: (0-25 hours)
    you unlock this rank as soon as you are accepted until you reach 20 Hours

  • Cadet: (25-80 hours)
    This rank is unlocked at 20 hours until you reach 65 hours, you also unlock the Routes Of The Week with no limits.

  • Second officer: (80-150 hours)
    This ranks let’s you fly some intercontinental routes to the US or Canada.

  • First Officer: (150-250 hours)
    You unlock all routes that are available and are active.

  • Captain: (250+ hours)
    You unlock all historical most historical routes that where flown by the 747.

We are proud to have a welcoming community, have professional pilots, a wide range of destinations as well as different planes, from regional planes to intercontinental planes and routes.

We love to engage with our community that’s why we have in-house events as often as we can, so pilots get to fly with other pilots and engage in our community.

We are always trying to improve that’s why we love to hear from our pilots to know what we can do better to improve this airline and always do better. If you join us you can experience the world with our amazing fleet and destinations.

Our ranks are made so that pilots can fly different routes with different planes and be able to get to a new rank fast.

We can’t wait to have you onboard


Just Applied!!

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Application submitted!!!

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Great to see those applications coming in.

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Good thread, and congrats on approval!

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Thank you.

Welcome to @Iberia_Virtual everybody I’m the recruiter

Welcome on the VA community!

Congrats on your approval tho!

Congrats on your approval! 🎊

Thanks @Baba and @skye

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I’ll apply! 👍

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Glad to see the flagship carrier in Spain has been approved. Mucha suerte!!

Definatoy gonna apply! Been waiting for approval!

Glad to be here

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Just Applied!!

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Just Applied!

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