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Iberia Virtual Airlines (IBVA) is an independent virtual airline that operates within the flight simulator Infinite Flight. IBVA strives to provide members with a realistic, professional, and safe experience flying around the world. With over 150 destinations, 350 routes, and 15 aircraft to choose from, pilots have the world at the fingertips. Whether you enjoy regional flights across beautiful European scenery or transatlantic journeys, Iberia Virtual has the route for you. Pilots can enjoy being a part of a close-knit airline and team while exploring the world to their heart’s desire!

Our virtual airline offers countless opportunities for pilots. In addition to a wide variety of route choices and aircraft, we offer a unique charter division with multiple charter aircraft to fly. Furthermore, our team offers countless internal events and community events for our pilots to enjoy!

The Iberia Virtual Airlines staff team is a dedicated set of individuals who are available around the clock to address any concerns or questions. With a vast variety of experience, our staff consists of seasoned pilots and experienced IFATC controllers. Click the drop-downs below to learn information about each staff member.

Executive Management


Chief Executive Officer - @Guxk

Hey! My name is Guxk and I live in New York. I’ve been flight simming since late 2011 and got hooked on Infinite Flight in 2014. I’m an IFATC controller as well as a member of several VA/VOs. I’m also a former regular on the Community, so feel free to shoot me a PM if you have any questions. In real life, I’m a high school student that plays tennis and soccer.

Chief Operations Officer - @Will_A

My name is Will, and I’m the COO here at IBVA. I’ve been here from the beginning, and I am grateful to be a part of this great team. I joined IF and the IFC in 2016, and have always loved the sense of community I feel when I am part of a team. I am currently an IFATC Officer, and you can find me controlling in the daily region often! Additionally, I am currently training in a Cessna 172 for my PPL, and have over 60 hours logged. I’m super excited to be a part of IBVA, and can’t wait to meet all of you! Smooth skies and safe travels!

Head of Internal Affairs - @Doonies

Hello, I’m Jacob, and I live in New York. I have a dog named Dennis, who I call Doonies, which is where my Infinite Flight name comes from. He is a four-year-old labradoodle. I found Infinite Flight in 2015 and have been flying on it ever since. I’m a part of several VA’s and I’m also an IFATC controller.
At IBVA, I manage the VA’s pilots and all internal communications. I’m an active member of the IFC, so feel free to PM me anytime about anything!

General Management


Chief Pilot - @jet_centric

Hey there!
My name is Toby, and I am the Chief Pilot here at Iberia Virtual.
I live in NorCal and enjoy photography, hiking, and flying in my free time.
Aviation has always played a huge role in my life, and flight sims have always been one of my favorite forms of entertainment.
I am extremely excited to lead each and every Iberia Virtual pilot through the IberiAcademy during your IOE.
Feel free to contact me either through Slack or on the Infinite Flight Community (@Jetcentric), for any further questions about our operations here at Iberia Virtual.

Public Relations Manager - @TRIavgeekMandy

Hey guys, my name is Amanda. I have loved aviation ever since I was young. I discovered infinite flight two years ago and I have loved it ever since. You’ll often find me flying my favorite aircraft, the B787, somewhere in IF. I handle IBVA’s social media as my other favorite passion is social media. If you don’t see me on IF, you’ll most likely find me on Instagram.

Recruitment Manager - @Alex_Kyte

My name is Alex, and I have been a part of Infinite Flight for over a year now. I have always had an interest in aviation since I was a little kid, as I would fly on at least two trans-Atlantic flights every summer. I currently reside in Myrtle Beach, SC with my fiance and two cats and two dogs. I have worked for the city of Myrtle Beach for the past year, which has been a blast.

Events Manager - @Fouler10

Ever since I took my first flight, my curiosity about aviation skyrocketed. While people may get bored with hearing about aviation, specifically commercial aviation, I get interested. With this, I have been active in IF ever since the beginning. When I am not reading articles about aviation, I read an array of articles that center around political issues or politically related articles. So, if you want to talk about anything from aviation to political related things, I am the person to talk to.

Routes Manager - @JackH

Hello, I’m Jack! I live in Spain and I’m the Route Manager for Iberia Virtual. Been playing Infinite Flight since 2013. I joined IFATC in December 2018. If you find any issues with the Iberia route do let me know and I will get it sorted out. In real like I’m currently at college doing my first year of A levels.

The IberiAcademy is run by the IBVA Chief Pilot and our instructors. The purpose of IberiAcademy is to ensure that all pilots fly with the utmost amount of proficiency and professionalism. With our values here at IBVA placed strongly on the professionalism of our pilots, the IberiAcademy makes sure that all of our pilots are the most professional in the Infinite Flight skies.

The Academy is a way for pilots to train before taking their IBVA check rides. Pilots may undergo as much training as they like, but in order to graduate the IberiAcademy and join IBVA, students must pass the basic knowledge test, as well as fly 2 flights proficiently. If the pilot flies either flight without meeting our standards, they will receive a 3-day probation from flying check rides. However, pilots are advised to use this time to complete additional practice flights with the IberiAcademy. More information can be found here .


At Iberia Virtual Airlines, we have 2 main hubs. Pilots choose a hub upon entry and can fly flights to or from this hub. Pilots are allowed to change their hub every 3 weeks.

Every 10 days, pilots receive a “non-hub”. This is a flight that may be flown out of any hub, not just their selected hub. Pilots may fly any flight that their rank permits.

Special terms apply for codeshare flights. See below for more information.

LEMD/MAD - Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport

Madrid is Iberia Virtual’s main hub. With over 125 destinations and 250+ flights operating out of LEMD alone, this airport has routes to four continents and flights with durations ranging from 1 hour to 14 hours. Whatever your preference is, LEMD has the perfect route for you.

LEVC/VLC - Valencia (Manises) Airport

Valencia is Iberia Virtual’s 2nd hub and serves 24 Iberia Air Nostrum routes. Located on the eastern coast of Spain, Valencia is the perfect hub for pilots who enjoy regional flying with incredible scenery. The CRJ-900 and CRJ-1000 are the main aircraft used at this hub, and pilots can explore lesser-known airports in the vicinity using these versatile aircraft.

Iberia Virtual Airlines has over 350 routes between Iberia, Air Nostrum, Iberia Express and soon will be adding over 350 more OneWorld codeshare routes! Whether you like to fly short-haul flights in the CRJ-1000 or long-haul adventures on the brand new Airbus A350, IBVA has routes for you. Here is our simple and easy to use route database, organized by airline and length. More information can be found here .

Please note that only Iberia Mainline, Iberia Express, and Air Nostrum routes are pictured in this map.

Our fleet ranges from the tiny TBM 930 to the enormous 747! With the advanced A320 family and incredible new A350-900, pilots can fly some of the newest Infinite Flight aircraft! Including our codeshare aircraft, you can be sure that we have an airplane for you! Aircraft specifications can be found here.

Here at Iberia Virtual, we embrace the past of Iberia Airlines by including historical aircraft represented in Infinite Flight. In addition, we include an extensive charter fleet for our more experienced pilots to enjoy.

Our Fleet



At Iberia Virtual, our ranking system does not restrict pilots to specific aircraft. Rather, pilots unlock new route types while ranking up. This means that all first officers will be able to fly any aircraft, as long as it is operated on a short-haul route!

Check out our ranking system here, as well as the required amount of hours for each rank.

Rank Hour Requirements Route’s Available
Second Officer Enrolled in IberiAcademy N/A
First Officer 0-30 Hours Short Haul
Senior First Officer 30-90 Hours Medium Haul
Captain 90-180 Hours Long Haul
Senior Captain 180+ Hours Ultra Long Haul

To apply to be a pilot at Iberia Virtual Airlines, simply fill out the application here, and take the basic knowledge test. After, we will contact you and get you started in IberiAcademy, and eventually let you off to explore the great Iberia skies!

There are specific requirements that must be met before beginning the application process. You must:

  • Be Grade 3 or above
  • Have a maximum of .10 violations to landing ratio
  • Have no ghosts in the past 3 months
  • Be at least 13 years of age
  • ​Have an active Infinite Flight Live subscription

If you have any questions about these requirements, do not hesitate to reach out to @Doonies, @Guxk, @Will_A @IberiaVirtual, or reply on this thread.



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Iberia Virtual - Staff Announcement

Hello, everyone.

Over the past few days, our CEO @Guxk has needed to take some time off due to personal issues. During his absence, our COO @Will_A will be our Acting CEO.

We ask that all Iberia Virtual Queries be directed to Will, rather than Guxk.

Thank you for your understanding, and happy flying!


Another One World VA newly approved and ready to take to the IF skies. On behalf of BAVA, ¡ te deseamos lo mejor! My Spanish is a bit rusty so go easy on me 🙈


Beautiful thread, wish you guys all the best for the future

@Gary_Crinnion COO EIVA (Aer Lingus)


Spectacular thread! Best of luck to IBVA! :)


This is truly a stellar thread. Congrats IBVA!


Thank you for your kind words @BritishAirwaysVA. Here’s to a bright and wonderful future!

@Gary_Crinnion, @TaipeiGuru, and @MrMrMan your kind words mean a lot to us here at IBVA. We appreciate your support!

-Will A
Acting Chief Executive Officer, Iberia Virtual Airlines


Looking really good! And Valencia as a hub!!!
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Thank you for the kind words, Julian!

Yes, Valencia is a great airport for our regional Air Nostrum operations. It’s an especially beneficial hub to newer pilots looking to gain hours on short-haul routes.

Safe travels!

-Will A
Acting Chief Executive Officer, Iberia Virtual Airlines


Also one of the most stunning places and a fantastic city!

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Congratulations IBVA! I’m looking forward to seeing y’all in the skies! Best of luck!


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@PlaneGeek thank you, and we hope to see you in IBVA soon!

Thanks to everyone else for the kind words. It means a lot, and we are grateful for the response!

-Will A
Acting Chief Executive Officer, Iberia Virtual Airlines


Glad to see another member of the One World family arrive in the community!

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this thread is amazing, really great job. i wish you good luck in the future, but with this thread i think you’ll have an amazing future as a VA.
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This thread looks truly amazing! Good luck on operations in your future!