Iberia To Retire A340-600s Early + JetBlue Announces 30 New Routes

I am so glad to see JetBlue get more routes. After all they have a lot of potential as an airline

Sad to see the A340s go, but I’m glad to see recovery like this with JetBlue. I flew with them late last year, and they were really good. I’m happy for them.

ahhhhh it’s so beautiful

Can’t wait for these flights from PHL to begin in a few days! @Ishrion do you know if any of the routes from PHL will be operated by an A321?

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Yay, finally a bit of expansion with PHX!

Thanks for sharing!

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Ah sorry, forgot to say the aircraft a while ago. Everything out of PHL is scheduled with the A320.

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At least it’s better than an E190 🤷‍♂️

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The A340 is disappearing very fast due to the drop of passengers demand during the COVID-19 outbreak including the high cost of maintenance and high fuel cost. In the future, there will be less than 100 A340s that are still in operation.

EC-JLE, the last A346 of Iberia made his last flight on August 1st from Quito to Madrid.
The aircraft is now stored.

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